Bert Goos

Creative, inspirational believer in human potential, optimist, out of the box thinker, and developer.  For over 25 years, Bert has committed his life to discovering people’s unique talent and how to make extraordinary steps in their career and personal life. He helps people believe in themselves, to have the confidence that allows them to make new choices in their lives.

Entrepreneur and founder of several businesses in personal development. Bert is an experienced assessor, coach, career psychologist, consultant, developer of psychometrics, speaker, trainer, and writer.


Bert shares his expertise with business executives, international companies and professionals who want to make a transition in their lives.

In 2002 he created and was CEO of Talent8. This energetic and inspirational company focussed on motivating and understanding entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders at all levels, throughout their personal development.

In 2006 he founded Online Talent Manager, which sets a new standard in the assessment and career development industries. Along with Dr. Andre Tjoa, he developed more than 40 psychological tests to unlock a person’s strengths and abilities. The Octogram®, their flagship test developed in 2002 and implemented over 60,000 times, aids professionals in selection and personal development assessments. Online Talent Manager now offers these and many other assessment tools for hiring, career management choices, team development, and organisational change. More information about the products his company Online Talent Manager is offering can be found at

Bert began his career as an HR professional in the Royal Netherlands Air Force while he earned degrees in Human Resources Management (BA) and Industrial and Organisational Psychology (Msc.). He worked in the RNLAF for 20 years as an HR manager, coach, and behavioural scientist, eventually taking the lead for all Psychological Selection. He worked for 5 years as an assessment psychologist, career coach and HR business partner at GITP International before he decided to start his own company in 2002.

Bert’s knowledge is both broad and deep, combining experience in developing psychometric instruments, the assessment and coaching of thousands of highly educated professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders in different industries. He also spent 10 years sharing this knowledge as a lecturer in psychology, organisational behaviour, stress- and career management at Avans, University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Bert Goos lives in Breda, the Netherlands, with his family.


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